The Mountain Goat. The Flat Cat Gear.


Flat Cat Gear Silver
Flat Cat Gear Silver


Flat Cat Gear Black
Flat Cat Gear Black


Flat Cat Gear Gold-Bronze
Flat Cat Gear Gold-Bronze

27 Holes RRP 1.999,- € | 45 Holes RRP 2.099,- €
incl. Battery, Charger and Trolley Cover


Easy-Fix Handle

Flat Cat Easy-Fix Handle

The handle is adjustable to height to assure ergonomic operating. The whole entity fixes itself automatically by using the Easy-Click-Support. It can be released any time.

Universal Bag Holder

Flat Cat Bag Holder

The Universal Bag Holder is compatible with all common cart- and stand bags. Eventually all golfers which were used to carry their bags can now easily switch to the trolley, without having to buy new equipment. With the optional Bag Holder Extension, there is also space for bulky bags.

Alu / GRP Frame

Flat Cat Alu- / GFK-Rahmen

Flat Cats are made of anodised aluminium, glass reinforced plastic and metal ball bearings. All components are fixed with stainless steel bolts, hidden within the housing. Through this a stable Trolley occurs as light weight with an appealing design.

The Surplus. Play Golf with Flat Cat.

Flat Cat DC-Power-Unit


The DC-Power-Unit shows great performance through its optimum torque. This makes the Flat Cat Gear Golf Trolley very powerful and strong for steep inclines. The resilient an maintenance-free power unit is installed behind the two rear wheels. Through the direct installation the energy bites immediately at the point of consumption. The outcome: strong drive, better power transmission and great climbing performance in hilly areas.

Flat Cat Gear Handle


Due to the continuous speed controller, provided with an on/off switch and memory function the desired velocity can be memorized by just one click. Additionally the Distance Assistant can be activated via the manual control panel.

Assistance Systems

Distance Assistant

With the use of the distance function the Trolley gets 18 or 36 meters forerun.

Park Assistant

The parking assistant is automatically activated after stopping.

Brake Assistant

When using the trolley on hilly ground the trolley keeps its pace next to the golfer.

Freewheel Assistant

When Trolley is stopped or turned off, the Trolley is in automatic free-wheel mode and can be moved manually.

Technical Specifications

MotorDC-Power-Unit (2 Engines)
ControlsControl-Grip with key panel
Battery types27 Holes Lithium 24 V 6,6 Ah
45 Holes Lithium 24 V 8,8 Ah
ChargerQuick charger 24 V
Worldwide use (100-250 V)
Charging timeMax. 6 hours
Electrical SafetySecurity protection circuit comes with Battery and Charger to prevent accidents
UN 38.3 certification
Adjusting Front WheelFor the directional stability with adjustable screw
Pack SizeHeight 84 cm, width 59 cm, depth 16 cm
Wheelbase / Gauge64 cm
WeightTrolley 7,4 kg
Battery 1,4 kg
Loadmax. 40 kg